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Arab Baths promotional video made by students of 1st year School “De Wijnpers”

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Immerse yourself into the Roman Public Baths, the best Roman Baths preserved, that we know today. The initiative of the construction of these Christian Baths was taken by the King Alfons I “el Cast” in 1194, and they are called Arabic, because they follow the same architectural structure as the Arabic Baths. The stones of the Baths have a story to tell about the salvage siege of the French troops during the XIII century. That area was part of a convent of nuns which was given for public use in 1929. Right in the center of the old city of Girona the Baths are built between the Sant Feliu Church, stretching along the city’s wall, while standing at the bottom of the important Cathedral of the city.


The rivers Galligants in the North and the Onyar in the West mark off the Baths. In the middle of the XII century the area where the Arabic Baths were constructed was perfectly structured and developed. Consequently, the Baths represent a very important part of the history of Girona.